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Weta engine?

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Weta engine?

Messagepar markb » Ven Sep 30, 2016 8:56 pm

Hi All,

I am sorry that my French is not good enough to write this post in French - apologies... - I hope you can still help me...

I am the new owner of a Weta and would like to have an engine on the boat - both for entering/leaving difficult harbours and also for long-distance cruises or Raids. I see that your forum had a discussion about this subject here a few years ago - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=223&start=0&hilit=torqueedo

Does anyone know if the Torqueedo 1003 solution developed by Jacques been a success?

Are there any other engine options which you have found can be used successfully with the Weta?

Many thanks,
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Re: Weta engine?

Messagepar pgenestier » Mar Oct 04, 2016 8:22 am

Hi Mark,

As you may have seen in the images included in the link you put in your message, other solutions have been used quite successfully : small 2 stroke engines (< 2.5 HP) with a support like the one in the last attached image.
They provide a speed of about 6 kts (as far as I remember my discussions with Philippe Gangloff) and appear to be quite useful when wind lacks.

If you don't mind using muscle engine (very efficient, but with less endurance...) there is also the possiblity to have this:

hope this helps...

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Re: Weta engine?

Messagepar markb » Mer Oct 05, 2016 10:44 pm

Hi Philippe and thank-you for your response!

Yes, I have heard that some Weta-sailors have used small petrol engines but I've not read a long-term report so I'm not sure how successful the solution is.. hopefully one such sailor can provide feedback so that we are enlightened..

I admire your ingenious scull and bracket! I do not think I have the strength though to scull myself back some miles against a strong tidal current :(

I have been in a separate email correspondence with Jacques who has continued to happily use his Torqeedo 1003 for the past 3 years. He has agreed for me to publish this, so I'll write a summary and post this later.

I also posted on the Yahoo Weta forum and a Weta user there has reported that he has happily used the 'Electric Paddle' for the past 5 years. These are very light (under 8kg) and he uses a bracket that does not require modifications to the hull. It can drive the Weta around 2.5-3 knots. I do not know if they are available outside the USA. This is less power than I'd ideally like, but it's great to know that there are successful options out there!
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Re: Weta engine?

Messagepar markb » Jeu Oct 06, 2016 7:34 pm

An update from Jacques below about the Torqeedo 1003 on the Weta (see original post here This is a summary of points I've extracted from our email correspondance (with his agreement!):

- I have been using the Torqeedo engine for 3 years and I'm completely satisfied with it. It allows me to go far without being worried about the return. I feel a big gain in serenity!
- The weight of the engine doesn't degrade the performance of the boat
- I have been using the Weta with engine more than twenty or thirty times over the past 3 years mainly when starting or beaching
- The longest trip I have done with the boat since the engine was installed was from the Cap d'Antibes to Nice airport, approximately 14 kms (9 miles)
- I chose the long-shaft torqeedo 1003 because the engine is a bit high above the water when on the aka-bracket
- The engine handles the water spray and is able resist a capsize because it is waterproof to ip 67
- I use it both in salt water and freshwater and have had no problem with the engine, battery or bracket. The Torqeedo works as well as the first day
- The engine is overkill for the Weta. I use not even half the power to make 6-7 knots
- At the speed of 5-6 knots the range lasts for more than 3 hours
- The bracket is made from painted iron but actually aluminium would be better to avoid corrosion
- The engine is more powerful than the tiller to steer the boat, but if you set the throttle arm in a middle position, you can use the tiller of the weta to steer
- I install the engine on the beach before I launch as I don't want it in the middle of my feet when I sail
- I use an extension cable to keep the battery in the boat cockpit just to balance the weight (approx 9.5kg on the bracket, 4.5kg in the cockpit)
- The battery doesn't move when sailing. I attach it (and also the engine) to the boat with a small rope to avoid losing them in case of a capsize. The battery is waterproof too so I don't need to put it in an extra bag
- When I don't use the engine, I tilt it forward just to move the propeller out of the water. It doesn't take much space on the trempoline

Jacques aka-bracket is ingenious, light and easy to install - however, it does take-up some space on the tramp and the tramp needs to move over a bit to make space for it (maybe needing a longer bungy to tie the tramp to the hull). An alternative bracket option would be a removable bar over the transom as shown in photos on the Yahoo Weta forum.

Torqeedo now have an option of a 915Wh battery but it costs several hundred more and it sounds like Jacques 532Wh battery has plenty of speed & range for the Weta already!

Hopefully this update will be helpful for any current (or future!) Weta owners who need an engine.
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Re: Weta engine?

Messagepar Laurent » Ven Oct 07, 2016 6:36 am

Hello Mark,

Thank you for posting this. We had not had a follow up from Jacques after we discussed his project here, so it's great to have this summary of his experience.

Wishing you good success with your own boat,

Best regards.
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