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Transport France - Germany just after buy

For all our friends in Europe, and the rest of the world : you are welcome !

Transport France - Germany just after buy

Messagepar Pepe » Ven Sep 04, 2015 5:29 pm

Dear all,
I am located in Germany, and bought the Weta in France from Laurent.
To get the trailer registered and imported in Germany from France while being insured, was somehow not quite easy.

This is how you should proceed:
1. Call your insurance to get a EVBNR number (easy). For this you need a copy of the CE certificate of the trailer, which you can ask Laurent.
2. Go to your "Zulassungsstelle" and ask for a short time shield "Kurzkennzeichen" (max 5 days).
3. When you go to France ask a Garage or an auto service like Norauto, etc.. to make you a shield reflecting the shield of your car.
4. When you take over the weta and the trailer, put the french shield on the trailer.
5. As soon as you cross the border France-Germany, exchange the shield for the german Kurzkennzeichen.
6. Go to your "Zulassungsstelle" and get the trailer registred, which is easy.

NB: at the moment you get the short time shield, the countdown of the 5 days is running, thus you have from this moment 5 days to present the trailer for registration
NB2: Why all this: Because the german authority "Zulassungsstelle" do not deliver a shield for driving abroad when you "import" a rolling device(trailer, car, bike, etc), only for driving in Germany.
NB3: I asked my insurance about this, and they insured me that I was insured also abroad with the EVBNR number, even without a german shield, quid.

I hope that this can help my german friends, when getting their marvellous Weta back home!!!

PS: A big thank you to Corinne and Laurent who helped a lot for finding an appropriate solution to what looked an administrative nightmare at the start!!
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Re: Transport France - Germany just after buy

Messagepar Laurent » Ven Sep 04, 2015 7:18 pm

And thanks a lot to you for sharing this precious information, I'm sure it will come handy soon :)

Best regards,
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