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New Weta Fleet in China: Need teachers!

For all our friends in Europe, and the rest of the world : you are welcome !

New Weta Fleet in China: Need teachers!

Messagepar wozza » Mer Oct 08, 2014 7:45 am

Hi there. Are there any qualified teachers who are interested in travelling to China to live for a year?

We are starting a new fleet here in paradise, a beautiful warm temperate lake here in Yunnan. The lake is over 210 square kilometers in size with year round sailing potential but we need teachers. Fleet size will be 5-6 initially but growing afterwards. As well as Weta we have Hobiecats (16s?), but Weta is the focus as we want to beat Shanghai. You should be keen to teach children and very safety conscious. Some English preferred. If you like teaching French you can probably get extra work :)

The lake is only 1 hour from an international airport, eg. ~100 EUR to fly to Bangkok (Air Asia). It's really the best part of China!

If interested please respond here and/or send me a message!
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